Kingdom Bank is dedicated to the provision of mortgages and loans, a range of savings and investment accounts and bespoke insurance products to churches, charities and individuals. Our commitment is ‘Changing Lives for Good’ through our business of banking.

Everything we do flows from our Christian faith, making us distinctly different from almost every other bank. We aim to place the Lord Jesus Christ at the centre of our business with the goal of seeing lives changed as a result of the work of the churches and organisations we serve and the profits we give away to good causes.

This is a dynamic moment for Kingdom Bank as we seek to dramatically increase our services to Christian churches, charities and individuals. We need a gifted Business Development Director to join us to bring the maximum benefit to our customers and to fulfil the aspirations we share as a Board and Staff Team.

The Business Development Director will be passionate to invest their gifts in Kingdom Bank in order to see our work expand its reach and missional impact significantly. We are seeking a business-minded sales and marketing leader who loves to see things grow and is willing to help us strengthen our work as we lengthen it. Ideally you will have some exposure to and certainly great interest in the variety of church and charitable Christian missions across the UK. We are also seeking someone with leadership gifts, to be a central part of shaping our corporate development and inspiring our team culture for many years to come.

Please do consider whether you might invest your passions and gifts to help Kingdom Bank realise our desire to advance God’s kingdom and bless many more people through our services.

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Applications must be received by midday on Thursday 28th September 2017.

Jobs 28 Sep 2017 Nottingham