In the space of a few decades, sexual politics has become a dominant driving force re-shaping our social relationships, reinventing our understanding of ‘equality’ and challenging cherished beliefs. Today, Judeo-Christian values and the sexual ethic they gave to the world are being displaced by a new orthodoxy informing our schools, our courtrooms and even our churches. 

Voices of the Silenced highlights the goals of the new sexual politics and the silencing of views opposing the return to the pansexual cultures of the pre-Christian Graeco-Roman world. Filmed in seven countries and in more than 50 locations, the documentary interviews 15 individuals who are emerging out of homosexual lifestyles and a further 18 commentators on the subject. It examines the myth that so called ‘neutral’ secularism poses for society broadly and for Christians specifically.

“I would encourage others to view the film so they too can reach a personally informed opinion regarding its place in a tolerant open society that allows for free speech and support for anyone who feels marginalised however small their minority group may be." Rodney Stout, Senior Pastor Ballynahinch Baptist Church

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Contributors to the film include Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali and Professor Stephen Baskerville. For longer interviews with these and other contributors, visit and subscribe for free access.