3-5 October 2019
Emmanuel Centre, Marsham St, London SW1P 3DW 

Rod & Julie Anderson, founders of the Prayer Foundation, are gathering The Body of Christ in what we believe introduces our part in God’s way forward. This includes God’s people coming together in one accord, to facilitate the release of the new sound from Heaven and birthing worshipping warriors. God is calling the church to impact the music mountain for His glory.

Guest speakers include Ray Hughes, who is recognised internationally for his expertise on sound & worship, and is the most sought-after speaker at Bethel in California, and worship leaders include Jake Isaac, who is mobilising the youth to impact the youth culture and the music they listen to.

We are expecting God to move SUDDENLY and bring a shift in London - so don't miss out on this important move of God. Book now by going to chosengatherings.com or call us on 0300 777 2223

Find out more and book at: theprayercamp.com/chosengatherings/