Action Planning - Providing distinctively Christian services to strengthen and grow your organisation

We have a team of expert Christian Consultants, all experienced in working in the Christian sector, to deliver a highly engaged service, aligned with your values and mission. The answer’s YES – what’s the question? Here are just some of the areas where we can help

Staying true to your Christian values.

  • Governance consultancy
  • Board review
  • Organisational Development
  • Coaching and mentoring

Developing faith-fuelled fundraising and marketing

  • Fundraising review and strategy
  • Legacy fundraising
  • Trust fundraising
  • Appeals and campaigns
  • Brand development and marketing
  • Creative design and content writing

Skilled staff and volunteers with a heart for Jesus

  • Recruitment to all roles
  • Interim management
  • Crisis management
  • Teambuilding

If you’ve been struggling to access the kind of external help you need, from people who share the same faith perspective, contact Linda Trew Tel 01737 814758