Across the Middle East the cry is deafening.

Frightened children are crying out for peace. Women are crying out for value. Angry young men are crying out for meaning. Persecuted Christians are crying out for the strength to face each day.

But amid war, atrocities and political turmoil, God is doing something amazing. SAT-7 Christian television is taking the Good News of Jesus to 15 million regular viewers who may never have heard it before in places like Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.

Masood, a viewer in Iran, told SAT-7, “Your channel helped me find the truth about my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have introduced many thirsty people to your channel. They are searching for real happiness.”

SAT-7 receives around 800 messages every day from viewers like Masood asking for prayer, requesting a Bible, sharing their testimony or telling us how SAT-7’s programmes are helping them to grow in their faith.

God is using SAT-7 Christian television to build His Church. This incredible television ministry needs your prayers!

We’ve produced a simple guide to inspire your prayers for SAT-7 and the people of the Middle East and North Africa. It’s totally free - order here